How Do You Build A Robot In Easy Steps

To make a customized robot for our self is a dream for many. If you are not an expert, don’t worry we will tell you how exactly to build a robot quickly. We can’t make an artificial intelligence robot, but we can build some small one like “Instruction Follower.” Now Let me take you to look at the list of steps to build your little machine.

1.    The Robot Type

The main propose for the robot is to decide what kind of robot you are going to make. A plenty of robot models are there like,

·        Soccer robot

·        All terrain robot

·        Line follower or Instruction follower

·        Nano robots, etc.

Once you decide what type of robot you want, find out the purpose and uses of it.

2.    Get the Requirements

Choose the micro processor for it and the number of things that required to make and type of PCB etc. Then you will need a resistors, capacitors, inductors and a digital multimeter will also be helpful to make a robot. The list will not stop with this it depends on the robot type.

3.    Robot Structure

The structure of the robot is necessary for proper function so design it well. You can use google sketch up tool to develop a robot with 3D model.

Body of robot

·        Use your imagination to make the body of robot or buy a ready made kits.

·        Make it with steel or plastic sheets.

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·        How many numbers of wheels does it require?

·        What type of steering method you use.

Size and shape

·        Calculate the size of the robot and make body according to it.

·        And also calculate the shape of the robot as well.(Use simple shape and body)

4.    Circuit and Programming


If you know about the circuitry, you can design your own. Or else there are various circuit boards are available in many websites you can buy from there. When comes to the robot process you need to program it. Program the robot for yourself and play with it.